Prophetess' Corner

We just want to listen and befriend God in all that we do so our relationship with Him will become stronger.

Rhema is the freshly spoken word. It is always an expression of that which is being uttered. Therefore, it carries an aspect of immediacy with it. Oftentimes, God breathes upon His Word and gives life to something written for “now.” The spoken word is never to replace the written Word.

The more of the written Word we have in our hearts, the greater capacity we must hear the spoken word because He speaks to that which has been deposited in our hearts and calls it forth.


Can you hear the Still Small Voice?

This is the quiet voice or impression of the heart. This is probably the most common way that peoples hear from God. It is sometimes thought to be our inner voice in that it is our thoughts and ideas. While we do have such a voice, it is wise to learn to recognize His still small voice. It is quiet. So, we must become quiet to recognize it consistently, someone gave me a helpful clue to discerning His voice; they said you know you heard from God whenever you have an idea that is better than you could have thought of yourself.

Many Blessings,

Diane Berry